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A/Lt Cdr James Lupini, RN

18 Apr 17

Welcome to the inaugural entry to the Naval Review Centenary Fellowship Blog 2017.  I am writing this on the eve of my departure for Australia for 5 weeks to explore my research proposal, forge closer links between the RN and RAN and make a comparative study of the alcoholic beverages of our two great countries!

My research proposal is titled, Values and standards:  Bedrock of naval culture and a modern strategic imperative or cynical marketing device?  For the RN this means Courage, Commitment, Discipline, Respect for others, Integrity and Loyalty (C2DRIL) whilst the RAN have outlined their values and standards in their New Generation Navy (NGN) programme.  I am keen to explore the factors that have driven both navies to articulate their values and standards, the benefits that this process is intended to bring as well as the challenges involved in achieving it.  Ultimately, I hope to understand what is good about the different approaches adopted by both navies, what we can learn from each other and what does the future hold for our relationship with our values and standards.

I first became interested in the subject of values and standards when I worked for the Royal Naval Leadership Academy (RNLA) based at BRNC.  Having spent much of my naval career in training and Executive roles I have regularly taught, encouraged and (hopefully) demonstrated the RN’s values and standards to trainees.  I have also, on occasion, re-briefed and reprimanded those who have not lived up to them.  However, whilst working at the RNLA I came to realize that despite my role as judge, jury and executioner of values and standards I had only the sketchiest idea of where they came from, what they meant and what they were intended to do.  Hopefully my trip to Australia and the subsequent article will help me to answer some of these questions.

Finally I would like to thank all of those who have made this unique opportunity possible, in particular, the small but dedicated staff at the Naval Review and Ultra Electronics for their generous sponsorship.  Watch this space over the coming weeks for re gular updates. 


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