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Latest Book Review, 9 May

The latest book review is available. It is an account of the first six months of Russia’s war against Ukraine, […]


Invasion: Russia’s Bloody War and Ukraine’s Fight for Survival

By LUKE HARDING (Guardian Faber – £14.99) ISBN 978 1 783 35276 0 336 pages Luke Harding has long experience […]


Latest Book Reviews, 21 April

The latest book reviews are now. One is an examination of the submarine from diverse perspectives; one is an account […]


Tsushima: Japan’s Trafalgar: The Voyage of the Condemned Fleet to the Straits of Korea

By PHIL THORNE (Matador – £45) ISBN 978 1838593 841 928 pages The catastrophic voyage of a large Russian Fleet […]


Latest Book Review, 6 April

The latest book review is now available. It looks at the 2023 edition of the Seaforth World Naval Review:


Seaforth World Naval Review 2023

Edited by CONRAD WATERS (Seaforth – £35) ISBN 978 1 68247 872 1 192 pages Seaforth’s annual review, in its […]


H.M.S. London: From Fighting Sail to The Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow’s War

Originally published in 2003 in hardback, H.M.S. London: From Fighting Sail to the Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow’s War, now in […]


Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict With China

Danger Zone – The Coming Conflict with China is, as the title might suggest, a provocative examination of potential future […]

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