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From the North Atlantic to the South China Sea: Allied Maritime Strategy in the 21 Century

372 pages Tim Benbow, King’s College London This is the fourth volume in the Seapower Series from the Institute for […]

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Sub Culture: The Many Lives of the Submarine

By John MEDHURST (Reaktion Books – £16) ISBN 978 1 78914 637 0) 222 pages Having previously written books critical […]

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Latest Book Reviews, 11 April

The latest book reviews are now available. One is of the latest edition of The Trafalgar Chronicles, the other, a fictional […]

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Upon Dark Waters

by ROBERT RADCLIFFE (ABACUS – £8.99) ISBN 978 0 351 32082 8 437pp A cracking good yarn especially if you […]

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Latest Book Reviews, 21 March

The latest book reviews have been published, one on naval fiction set at the turn of the 20th century and […]

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