Want to join The Naval Review?

Benefits of Joining

  • Admission to ‘The Think Tank’, a Peer Review process delivering fast, vigorous appraisal of new ideas and initiatives, including current naval publications;
  • Privileged access to over 100 years of private, searchable archives which blend first-hand experience with pertinence, validity and historical perspective;
  • Fellowship of an unrivalled international personal network of Staff Colleges, University Departments and Naval and Maritime influencers;
  • The opportunity to read and contribute reviews of the latest books on naval history and maritime strategy, essential to professional development;
  • Contribution to a growing social media presence, the opportunity to cultivate thought and professional interest that leads on to more academic/quasi-academic discourse;
  • Being part of the Royal Navy’s journal of professional record and discourse where one is positively encouraged to give and receive fair challenge.

Who can join The Naval Review?

  • Officers and ratings, active, reservist or retired, of the Armed Forces of the Crown and the Commonwealth; also members of the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, and officers and ratings of the RMAS and RFA Service.
  • Civil servants who hold or have held appointments in the Naval Commands, or appointments with a naval connection across the UK Ministry of Defence and associated organisations.
  • Officers and ratings, active or retired, of the Armed Forces of NATO nations with which the United Kingdom has strong military connections.
  • Additionally, The Editor can admit other persons in with demonstrable interest in the Royal Navy.

Subscription Options

  • Digital (£30) – Provides full online access only. Half rate available to Sub Lieutenants and below.
  • Print (£40 rising to £50 on 1 Jan 2023) – Provides full online access plus quarterly copies of the printed journal. Half rate available to Sub Lieutenants and below.
  • Corporate – For corporate rates, please contact the Secretary Treasurer [email protected]