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Naval Review

In 1928 The Naval Review was established as a Charitable Trust, governed by a Trust Deed. It is a registered charity no.214610 whose accounts can be viewed at The Charity Commission

The objective of The Naval Review is set out in the Trust Deed:

“…[to encourage] thought and discussion on such subjects as strategy, tactics, naval operations, staff work, administration, organisation, command, discipline, education, Naval history and any other topic affecting the fighting efficiency of the Navy but excluding the material aspects of the technical sciences and in the hope that it would help to build up that body of sound doctrine which is so essential to success in war and to provide a means of expression and discussion within the Service…”.

The Trustees seek to pursue this objective by promoting among its subscribers imaginative thinking, research, critical analysis, correspondence and informed debate on naval matters in order to support the efficiency of the Naval Service.

The Board of Trustees comprises the Chairman and not less than two and not more than six other Trustees, who meet as required, but not less than twice a year.  They are recruited as required from from among the longer serving subscribers and serve for an initial term of four years; they may be re-appointed for two further periods of four years.  The Chairman is always a senior retired officer of Flag Rank.  The current Trustees are shown on the “Trustees “page of this site.

Minutes of Trustees’ Meetings are publicly available on this website.

The Trustees are advised by a Committee of twelve, drawn from subscribers of all ranks, serving, retired and non-serving. The current Committee members are shown on the “Committee” page of this site.

The Naval Review is served by four Executives, the Editor, who acts as the Chief Executive and reports to the Chairman, is assisted by the Assistant Editor, the Secretary-Treasurer and the Book Reviews Editor.  The Executive team is responsible to the Chairman of Trustees for the day-to day running of The Naval Review. The current Executives are shown on the “Executive Team” page of this site.

The principal source of income for The Naval Review is subscriptions.  A Risk Register is regularly reviewed by the Trustees.