Joining the Naval Review


The Naval Review publishes four journals each year. It aims to play an important role in an officer’s career and in Naval and Joint Service affairs by:

• Acting as a sounding board for ideas and opinions.

• Encouraging thought on the wider issues of Naval policy.

• Providing a privileged medium for discussion.

• Allowing the views of junior officers to be read by policy-makers.

• Giving an opportunity to learn from experience.

All these are to the benefit of the armed services and the individual, and are summed up in The Naval Review’s aim:

`to promote the advancement and spreading within the Service of
knowledge relevant to the higher aspects of the Naval profession.’

Journal articles are almost entirely contributions from members, many of whom are serving officers. The emphasis is on contemporary matters and the inclusion of historical material is judged by its relevance to the present and future. The views of seagoing officers are given particular preference.

Distribution of the journal is confined to members only, thereby enabling serving officers to write, and express opinions, with a freedom which they could not enjoy either in official work or in the open press. Prior permission to submit articles is not necessary, and articles may be anonymous, under a nom de plume or signed, at the discretion of the author. The result is a stimulating ‘read’; the Review contains numerous thoughtful pieces on a wide range of strategic issues and policy matters, as well as giving the opportunity to express personal views on a variety of subjects close to the heart of serving officers. Contributions from junior officers are positively encouraged and there are a number of prizes awarded for articles of particular merit.

Each edition of the journal features book reviews of interest to anyone concerned with naval or maritime affairs, as well as the wider defence scene. The Members Area of the website contains a lively ‘Wardroom Bar’ where members express views on a wide range of topical issues.

If you are interested and are considering joining The Naval Review then click here to download more information and a set of enrolment forms.

Inevitably, there are rules and conditions for using the website. Before proceeding further, please view these rules by clicking here.