Commander Patrick McCarthy Royal Navy

Patrick joined the Royal Navy as a Writer in 1971, travelling to HMS Raleigh from Cork, Southern Ireland. He thrived in the environment and by 1974 his CW papers were raised and he joined BRNC Dartmouth in 1979 as a POWtr leaving as an A/SLt (S)(W) on the SD List.

After Greenwich he joined HMS Collingwood then subsequently joined FOSNI in Pitreavie. He spent time on the Armilla Patrol in the Gulf, firstly in HMS Jupiter (his favourite ship) then transferring to HMS Charybdis when Jupiter went into refit. During this time he was also transferred to the General List.

By 1989 he was part of the Saudi Armed Forces Project, then in 1991 he joined 2SL Sir Brian Brown’s staff in Whitehall. He left to join HMS Invincible upon being promoted to Commander and whilst there had his youngest son christened on board. In 1994 he returned to HMS Collingwood. Amongst his many duties he oversaw the running of the pig farm – a job he particularly enjoyed!

In 1997 he took on the role of Command Supply Officer for 2SL/CINCNAVHOME in Portsmouth where he finished his career. Pat loved his life and time in the Navy and always said that if given the opportunity he would go back in a shot.

As well as his day to day work, Pat was a keen sportsman playing squash and hockey. Throughout his career he played hockey at Command level. He was the manager of the U21 hockey team, moving on to become Secretary of Combined Services then Chairman of the United Services Hockey Association. He remained a player and coach for United Services Veterans and played for Nordics – a combined service club, and he eventually became a Director of the National Hockey Stadium in Milton Keynes.

When he retired Patrick then took up golf and was a keen member of St. Annes Old Links Golf Club, playing at least three times a week, plus occasionally playing for the Black Horse Golf group.

In 1974 Pat married Lesley, a Wren he met in HMS Victory, and they had two sons, Michael and James. He loved spending time at home with his family and they always came first above all. Lesley supported him throughout his career and after he left the Navy they moved to Lancashire and he began a new career as the Financial Director of an independent school.

February 2024

Source of information: Informed by widow

Reported by: Secretary Treasurer