Lieutenant Commander Ben Warlow Royal Navy

Lieutenant Commander Ben Warlow was born and educated in Devonport, joining Dartmouth College in 1957. After training in Vigilant and Carron, he served in the Gambia, Bold Pathfinder, Tiger, Tenby, Eastbourne, Rhyl, Ajax and Bulwalk, and also served ashore in the Training Establishments Thunderer, Raleigh, Ganges and Pembroke, the Fleet Maintenance Base Defiance, the Royal Naval Barracks Devonport and the Naval Base at Portland. He also served on staffs in the Ministry of Defence, CINCNAVHOME, CINCFLEET and Flag Officer Plymouth and Portsmouth. He was afloat in Naval Parties for the Falklands War (RMS Queen Elizabeth II) and the Lebanon (RFA Reliant). He authored several books on Naval history including two on the Royal Navy in Malta.


Source of information: Informed by Granddaughter

Reported by: Secretary Treasurer