Job Opportunity: Position of Deputy Editor

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(Starting February/March 2022)


The Naval Review has been a bastion of strategic thought and, in keeping with its audience and developments in technology, the Review is about to consider some fundamental changes. We are looking for someone who is prepared to join and be part of this thinking and evolution. This means joining as the institution embarks on a new phase, building on recent success and helping set the NR for the future.

We want someone who is empowered by this, is prepared to help us fashion the next step. We need someone comfortable with setting out considered maritime thinking across all mediums – written and digital.

Is this you? Are you prepared to design the maritime conversation for the next 25 years. We would love to hear from you.


For more than a Century the Naval Review has been at the forefront of strategic thinking, acting as the Royal Navy’s journal of professional record. For the moment, The Naval Review is now seeking a Deputy Editor to assume full responsibility for the quarterly production of the Review’s printed journal from August 2022 (the period March – August 2022 will be an opportunity to mirror the production of the Spring 2022 edition of the journal before taking responsibility for delivery of the Summer 2022 edition, published on 1 August). We expect these duties to change as we modernise.

Like the Royal Navy itself, The Naval Review faces a number of exciting challenges. Since its inception in 1912 the Review has appeared in print every quarter. From 2003 it has been supported by its website and now, more recently, by a growing social media presence. Evolution of the Review is now seeing the digital component of the Review’s output growing in importance. Accordingly, the new Deputy Editor will assist the Editor (and CEO) in meeting the challenge of further expanding the digital domain; with the digital domain increasingly taking the lead in the Review’s dialogue, whilst the printed journal retains the key role of capturing that discourse as the journal of professional record.

We intend to have as the core our support to the serving members of the Naval Community, and our intent is to ensure this includes all members of the Service – Officers and Sailors as well as all shades and colours of our community. In addition, we intend this to become a conversation across maritime boundaries, and will use a digital format to expand our potential base with inclusion from Naval Alumni and those industries supporting the Naval and Maritime effort. In sum, this will inform strategy through an energetic conversation and educate the Naval Officer by understanding the role of the City, Ports, Maritime Infrastructure etc as well as Naval Tactics and Policy.

About this Job

It will suit those wishing to develop portfolio of commitments in their second career. On average this position will require a commitment of up to 2-3 days per week of remote/home working, with occasional meetings in London or Portsmouth and visits to naval training establishments. The tenure of the appointment will be 5 years, extendable to a maximum of 10 years.

Competencies Required

Requiring an intimate and current knowledge of the Naval Service the post is open to a recently retired Royal Navy or Royal Marine, ideally of sufficient credibility to enjoy access to the Navy, MoD and/or defence and security related academia. Applicants will be expected to have a strong interest in the Naval and Maritime domain, and in imparting this knowledge and excitement to the next generation of professionals and thinkers.

Working familiarity with, interest in, and willingness to learn how to use, the Review’s IT systems are more important than any formal level of competency in these areas. Where needed, training in this will be arranged. Familiarity with MS Office and Adobe Acrobat will greatly assist in the editing role.


An honorarium, commensurate with the charitable status of the Naval Review, will be awarded by the Board of Trustees in recognition of an individual’s work. This will be payable quarterly on assuming the role of Deputy Editor, together with any reasonable expenses. The initial level of remuneration, to be agreed on appointment February/March 2022, will then be raised in line with the assumption of additional responsibilities from August 2022. The level of remuneration is subject to discussion between the successful candidate and the Naval Review’s Chairman, as guided by the Naval Review’s policy on remuneration and the rates currently set for the small Naval Review management team.

To Apply

A letter of application and Curriculum Vitae should be sent to the Naval Review Trustee’s succession sub-committee:

Chairman: VAdm Sir Clive Johnstone [email protected]
Trustees: RAdm Simon Williams [email protected]
Mr James Sproule [email protected]
And copied to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Applications should be submitted by 15 December 2021. Interviews will be scheduled in January 2022. Further information, if required, is available from the Editor, either at the above email address or by telephone (07585 771479)

The Naval Review is committed to equal opportunities and does not discriminate on grounds of ethnic origin, race, religious beliefs, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Click here to download this information in PDF format.