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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Civil-Military Relations, Command & Control, Communications, First World War, General, Geopolitics, Global War on Terrorism, Israel, Language, Leadership, Middle East, Military History, Operational Art, Strategy
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The language of war

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
05 Feb 24

Ed. General Rob Fry grapples with the difficulty of defining realistic military objectives when crafting strategy, given the propensity for the leadership of pluralistic democracies to lean on hyperbole and unlimited outcomes. Originally published in The Article. A 10 minute read.


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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Iraq, Know your Enemy, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Professional Military Education
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The Britannia Summer Lecture

24 Aug 23

By kind permission of Captain Sarah Oakley RN, Captain BRNC, and with special thanks to Commander Doctor Steve Tatham PhD […]

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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Artificial Intelligence, Budgets and Finance, China, Civil-Military Relations, Defence Engagement, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Global War On Terror, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, National Defence, Russia, Ukraine
39 minutes, 20 seconds

Grand Strategy, the UK as a Medium Power & its Maritime

By Bruce Williams,
18 Apr 23

Ed. Reflections on the current state of the UK’s strategic positioning amidst the background of an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world. The author posits that the reality of medium power status means fundamentally reassessing the often ideologically driven assumptions that have brought the UK and the Royal Navy to this moment in history. A 40 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Geopolitics, Global War on Terrorism, Iraq, Leadership, Military History, National Defence, Political Science, Strategy, Ukraine
7 minutes, 51 seconds

War: no longer politics by other means – Clausewitz, Fukuyama and Ukraine

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
04 Mar 23

Ed. Nearly a year ago, General Sir Robert Fry recognized the profound geopolitical implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In light of the failures of the Global War on Terrorism, serious threats have emerged to the international order. A 10 minute read. Originally published 21 March 2022 in The Article (

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