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Undersea cables and deterring sub-threshold state attacks against the UK Homeland – is ‘narrow deterrence’ achievable?

By Brig Richard Cantrill,
20 Dec 23

Ed. The author questions the ability of the Allies to successfully deter future Russian sub-threshold or hybrid operations, with narrow deterrence having failed both in Syria and Salisbury. The deniability of attacks on vulnerable undersea cables and infrastructure has been clearly demonstrated over the past two years. A 20 minute read.

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Arms Control, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Letters, National Defence, Strategy, The Naval Review, Ukraine
2 minutes, 52 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Standing Into Danger

By Jeremy Blackham,
15 Jun 23

Ed. Jeremy Blackham highlights the weaknesses of Britain’s current strategic assumptions, demonstrated by the failure of the Western powers to prevent the Ukraine War despite ample warning.

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Arms Control, Budgets and Finance, Equipment Capability, General, Geopolitics, Letters, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons
4 minutes, 20 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Nuclear Deterrence

By Rob Forsyth,
26 Apr 23

Ed. The author continues his long-standing [109/4, p. 528] critique of the efficacy of nuclear deterrence.

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Letters, Arms Control, General, Geopolitics, National Defence, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons, Russia, Ukraine
0 minutes, 59 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Putin’s Empty Ukraine Nuclear Threat

08 Apr 23

Ed. The author expands on their earlier letter ( addressing the threats of Russian nuclear weapons use in Ukraine

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