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Letters, Diversity & Inclusion, General, People, The Naval Review
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Letter to the Editor: Time to Think

By WatchOnStopOn,
01 Aug 23

Ed. The author echoes the sentiment of Jackthelad that, for the NR to grow its membership, it must recognize the reality of both time constraints and the issues that matter to the current generation of Service personnel. Three of the eight founding members of the NR were Lieutenants who no doubt recognised the risk to their careers they were making by joining the ranks of an organisation that was not universally welcomed. Nothing gets changed by saying nowt, so my plea to WatchOnStopOn and your contemporaries is write and we will publish, the Naval Review belongs to all of its membership. I am the Editor – not the censor.

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Anti-Submarine Warfare, Battle of the Atlantic, Convoy Operations, Diversity & Inclusion, Geopolitics, Merchant Navy, Naval History, Naval Tactics, Nuclear Weapons, Operational Research, People, Russia, Strategy, Trade Interdiction and Protection, Ukraine, Women's Royal Naval Service
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Understanding our Enemy – Why it Matters

04 May 23

Ed. Originally presented at St. Nick’s Church, Liverpool, on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023, as part of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic NR Chairman Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone examined the conflict in Ukraine today, and emphasized how the WRNS of the Second World War were vital to the defeat of the U-boat threat. A 10 minute read.

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Age of Sail, American Revolution, Black History, Caribbean, Diversity & Inclusion, Dockyards & Ports, Learning From The Past, Maritime Trade, Merchant Navy, Napoleonic Wars, Naval History, People, Seven Years' War, Slave Trade, Trade Interdiction and Protection, War of Austrian Succession
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The Man in the Margins – The Black Sailor’s Voyage to Nelson’s Column (I)

15 Mar 23

Ed. The first of a two-part series, as a diversity and inclusion resource for Black History Month, the author examines the role of black labour in the Atlantic maritime system, from which the Royal Navy’s black sailors were drawn during the 18th century. This instalment focuses on the tragedy of black slavery as a component of the Atlantic system, and the remarkable achievements of those slaves who nevertheless became Royal Navy sailors. A 30 minute read.

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Civil-Military Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, Letters, People
3 minutes, 4 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Civil-Military Relationship

12 Mar 23

Ed. The author’s response to Lt. Zoe Jones’ article (The Armed Forces), published in the NR 111/1:

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