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Admiralty, General, Joint Operations, Leadership, Naval Staff, People, Professional Military Education, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future
28 minutes, 30 seconds

Meritocracy and A Royal Marine Route to First Sea Lord

13 Jun 23

Ed. The increasingly Joint and interservice nature of senior command raises fascinating possibilities regarding the career paths of future RN and RM officers. Through research and interviews the author asks, and answers, the question of what path a Royal Marine might follow to become First Sea Lord. A 30 minute read.

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Learning From The Past, Admiralty, Budgets and Finance, Defence Reviews, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, General, Historiography, Leadership, Letters, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, Naval History, People, The Naval Review, Uncategorized
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Rear Admiral James Goldrick, AO CSC Naval Review Archive

03 Jun 23

Ed. As a memorial and in tribute of his extensive contributions, the Digital and Editorial teams have compiled a complete archive of James Goldrick’s Naval Review letters, articles, reviews and eulogies.

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Civil-Military Relations, Admiralty, General, Leadership, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Shaping The Future, Strategy
10 minutes, 10 seconds

What should the art of admiralty involve in a competitive, maritime age?

31 May 23

Ed. The author takes to task the need for public engagement by the RN, if a sceptical public is to be convinced of the vital importance of the maritime nature of the British Way of War. A 10 minute read.

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Book Reviews, General, Naval History
0 minutes, 15 seconds

Latest Book Reviews, 2 May

02 May 23

The latest book reviews are now available. The first is a history of shipwrecks, providing an introduction to the subject, […]

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Arms Control, Budgets and Finance, Equipment Capability, General, Geopolitics, Letters, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons
4 minutes, 20 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Nuclear Deterrence

By Rob Forsyth,
26 Apr 23

Ed. The author continues his long-standing [109/4, p. 528] critique of the efficacy of nuclear deterrence.

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Book Reviews, General, Maritime Reserves, Naval History, People, Second World War
0 minutes, 11 seconds

Latest Book Reviews, 25 April

25 Apr 23

The latest book reviews are now available. One concerns the submarine, HMS Urge, lost off Malta in the Second World War, […]

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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Artificial Intelligence, Budgets and Finance, China, Civil-Military Relations, Defence Engagement, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Global War On Terror, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, National Defence, Russia, Ukraine
39 minutes, 20 seconds

Grand Strategy, the UK as a Medium Power & its Maritime

By Bruce Williams,
18 Apr 23

Ed. Reflections on the current state of the UK’s strategic positioning amidst the background of an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world. The author posits that the reality of medium power status means fundamentally reassessing the often ideologically driven assumptions that have brought the UK and the Royal Navy to this moment in history. A 40 minute read.

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Letters, Arms Control, General, Geopolitics, National Defence, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons, Russia, Ukraine
0 minutes, 59 seconds

Letter to the Editor: Putin’s Empty Ukraine Nuclear Threat

08 Apr 23

Ed. The author expands on their earlier letter ( addressing the threats of Russian nuclear weapons use in Ukraine

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Book Reviews, China, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Maritime Strategy, Naval Warfare, Royal Australian Navy, Strategy, Technology, United States Navy
0 minutes, 7 seconds

Latest Book Review, 6 April

06 Apr 23

The latest book review is now available. It looks at the 2023 edition of the Seaforth World Naval Review:

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