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Book Reviews, Geopolitics, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Naval History, Persian Gulf
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Latest Book Review, 2 January 2024

02 Jan 24

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers a short book from Helion exploring the opening phase of the Iran-Iraq War at sea. Given current events in the Middle East, this book may also be valuable background reading.

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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Iraq, Know your Enemy, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Professional Military Education
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The Britannia Summer Lecture

24 Aug 23

By kind permission of Captain Sarah Oakley RN, Captain BRNC, and with special thanks to Commander Doctor Steve Tatham PhD […]

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Geopolitics, Addressing Current Reality, China, Defence Engagement, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Global War on Terrorism, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, National Defence, Persian Gulf, Strategy
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The Rebalance of Power in an Increasingly Competitive Persian Gulf and the Implications for UK Defence

25 Jul 23

Ed. The author argues that, in light of China and Russia’s rising regional influence, the UK needs to review its strategy in the Middle East. The Persian Gulf is sliding down Defence’s priorities, yet there remains a large military commitment, which, the author argues, does not represent a positive balance of investment. Should the MoD consider moving its maritime and air assets out of the Gulf? A 25 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Afghanistan, Geopolitics, Global War on Terrorism, Iraq, Leadership, Military History, National Defence, Political Science, Strategy, Ukraine
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War: no longer politics by other means – Clausewitz, Fukuyama and Ukraine

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
04 Mar 23

Ed. Nearly a year ago, General Sir Robert Fry recognized the profound geopolitical implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In light of the failures of the Global War on Terrorism, serious threats have emerged to the international order. A 10 minute read. Originally published 21 March 2022 in The Article (

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