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Age of Sail, American Revolution, Black History, Caribbean, Diversity & Inclusion, Dockyards & Ports, Learning From The Past, Maritime Trade, Merchant Navy, Napoleonic Wars, Naval History, People, Seven Years' War, Slave Trade, Trade Interdiction and Protection, War of Austrian Succession
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The Man in the Margins – The Black Sailor’s Voyage to Nelson’s Column (I)

15 Mar 23
Ed. The first of a two-part series, as a diversity and inclusion resource for Black History Month, the author examines the role of black labour in the Atlantic maritime system, from which the Royal Navy’s black sailors were drawn during the 18th century. This instalment focuses on the tragedy of black slavery as a component of the Atlantic system, and the remarkable achievements of those slaves who nevertheless became Royal Navy sailors. A 30 minute read.
Age of Sail, Dockyards & Ports, Engineering, History of Science, Industrial Revolution, Learning From The Past, Napoleonic Wars, Naval Architecture, Naval Engineering, Naval History, People, Technology
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Sir Samuel Bentham 1757-1831: Civil Architect and the First Engineer of the Royal Navy

08 Mar 23
Ed. Not too unlike the Hellenstic inventor Archimedes and his patron Hiero II of Syracuse, or 20th century technologists such as Bob Noyce and William Shockley, brothers Samuel and Jeremy Bentham were a pair of functionalist Georgian characters. While Jeremy is well known for his contributions to the Reform Movement and utilitarian philosophy, the younger brother Samuel, a prototypical early steam-era inventor and Royal Navy engineer, in the mold of predecessors such as Thomas Slade and Charles Middleton, or successors like Sir Robert Seppings and Sir Nathaniel Barnaby, is less well known. The authors herein examine Samuel Bentham’s life and work. A 30 minute read.
Age of Sail, Book Reviews, Equipment Capability, First World War, Geopolitics, Military History, Napoleonic Wars, Naval History, Second World War, Ukraine
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Book Reviews, 3 March

03 Mar 23

The latest book reviews have been published, covering a history of those ships named HMS London, a two-volume look at the […]

Naval History, Age of Sail, American Revolution, Black History, Caribbean, Learning From The Past, Napoleonic Wars, Naval Tactics, Trade Interdiction and Protection
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John Perkins: A Black Commander on the Jamaica Station

23 Feb 23
Ed. The author surveys the naval career of John Perkins, a black Jamaican and contemporary of Nelson, whose buccaneering career in the Caribbean met with considerable success and embodied the Royal Navy’s trade interdiction mission in those waters. A 15 minute read.

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