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19th Century, Admiralty, Age of Sail, American Revolution, Black History, Caribbean, Diversity & Inclusion, Historiography, Law, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Napoleonic Wars, Naval History, Naval Warfare, People, Service Culture, Seven Years' War, Slave Trade, Veterans
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The Man in the Margins – The Black Sailor’s Voyage to Nelson’s Column (II)

By Cdre David Burns RN (rtd),
04 Oct 23

Ed. As a diversity and inclusion resource for Black History Month, in the second article of a two-part series, the author examines how slavery, the law and conflict pushed black sailors into the Royal Navy before and after Trafalgar, and how those black sailors were treated. A 40 minute read.

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Learning From The Past, Admiralty, Budgets and Finance, Defence Reviews, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, General, Historiography, Leadership, Letters, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, Naval History, People, The Naval Review, Uncategorized
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Rear Admiral James Goldrick, AO CSC Naval Review Archive

03 Jun 23

Ed. As a memorial and in tribute of his extensive contributions, the Digital and Editorial teams have compiled a complete archive of James Goldrick’s Naval Review letters, articles, reviews and eulogies.

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Air Power, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Battle of the Atlantic, Convoy Operations, First World War, Historiography, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy, National Defence, Naval Aviation, Naval History, Naval Staff, Naval Tactics, Naval Warfare, Operational Research, Professional Military Education, Strategy, The Naval Review, Trade Interdiction and Protection
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Some Reflections upon the Battle of the Atlantic, 1939-1945 and Historical Maritime Operational Research (I)

06 May 23

Ed. In 1995 staff historian David Waters began publishing in the NR [83/4, p. 349] a series of commentaries on the Battle of the Atlantic, a subject he had mastered while working on The Defeat of the Enemy Attack upon Shipping (1957). He was inspired in this case by the renewed naval history discourse, evident in a review of S. Howarth and D. Law, eds., The Battle of the Atlantic 1939-1945 (1994), the International Naval Conference on the battle held in Liverpool in 1993, and related writings in the NR [83/1, p. 84 & 83/2, p. 159]. Republished here as part of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. A 15 minute read.

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First World War, Historiography, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Naval History, Naval Warfare, People, Professional Military Education, The Naval Review, Uncategorized
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The founding of the Naval Review and its raison d’etre – then and now

30 Mar 23

Ed. A serious investigation into the origins of the Naval Review and the controversial but critical eyes that were concerned enough about early 20th century military norms to go to work on the underlying complacent assumptions. A 30 minute read.

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General, Geopolitics, Historiography, Learning From The Past, Naval History, Naval Tactics, Operational Art, The Naval Review
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Rear-Admiral J V P Goldrick, AO, CSC, RAN, Obituary part 2

21 Mar 23

Ed. As we research James Goldrick’s 40 plus years of contributions to the Naval Review, every statistic discovered reinforces the great debt of scholarship we owe him in the UK, Australia and the US. We are indebted to Peter Hore, a shorter version of this obituary appeared online in the Daily Telegraph on 21 March 2023.

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Naval History, Historiography, Learning From The Past
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Historical Proceedings

03 Feb 23

Ed. This six-monthly round up surveys recent historical articles, lectures, and new original research in the field of naval history. It highlights areas that some readers may wish to examine further by pursuing the original articles and material. A 15 minute read.

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