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19th Century, Anglo-Zulu War, Crimean War, Learning From The Past, Military History, Naval History, Operational Art, Technology, The Naval Brigades
18 minutes, 23 seconds

The Naval Brigades, Part 3: Armageddon – The Anglo-Zulu War

22 Mar 23
Ed. In this third instalment of his history of the Royal Navy’s Naval Brigades during the 19th century, the author reflects on the legacy of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, and demonstrates the lessons learned since the Crimean War. A 20 minute read.
General, Geopolitics, Historiography, Learning From The Past, Naval History, Naval Tactics, Operational Art, The Naval Review
5 minutes, 25 seconds

Rear-Admiral J V P Goldrick, AO, CSC, RAN, Obituary part 2

21 Mar 23
Ed. As we research James Goldrick’s 40 plus years of contributions to the Naval Review, every statistic discovered reinforces the great debt of scholarship we owe him in the UK, Australia and the US. We are indebted to Peter Hore, a shorter version of this obituary appeared online in the Daily Telegraph on 21 March 2023.
General, Leadership, Naval History, Operational Art, People
0 minutes, 18 seconds

Obituary: Rear Admiral James Goldrick AO CSC RAN Retired

17 Mar 23

After a relatively short battle with cancer, James Goldrick ‘crossed the bar’ yesterday, the first of several obituaries can be […]

Geopolitics, Addressing Current Reality, Military History, Operational Art, Ukraine
7 minutes, 53 seconds

Echoes of the Great War in Ukraine

15 Feb 23
Ed. The author compares Germany’s self-defeating planning before the First World War, and the subsequent struggle to master attritional warfare, with the failure of deterrence in Ukraine and the battlefield ramifications, and makes an important historical point that bears repeating: As Moltke the Elder knew, no plan survives contact with the enemy. The dangers of attempting to force a political resolution through operational action are clear. Originally published in The Article, 1 June 2022 ( A 10 minute read.

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