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Combined Arms, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Operational Art, Operational Planning, People, Second World War, Strategy, United States Navy
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Calculated Risk – an obvious concept

By Bruce Pascoe,
30 Sep 23

Ed. The author investigates the operational command style, risk strategy, and facility for delegation of Admiral Chester Nimitz, focusing on his management and employment of subordinates including the methodical Raymond Spruance and the larger-than-life ‘Bull’ Halsey. A 30 minute read.

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Admiralty, Age of Sail, Deterrence, Diplomacy, General, Hybrid Warfare, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Operational Art, People, Service Culture, The Art of Admirality
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The Art of Admiralty and Liminal Advantage

By Lt Cdr Jonathan Wheale RN,
08 Sep 23

Ed. The author contemplates the implications of the ‘Art of Admiralty’, as explored in NR 111/3, for the mindset of the RN’s leadership as a cultural component of a maritime nation in today’s complex operating environment. A 5 minute read.

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Cold War, Combined Arms, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Korean War, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval History, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Strategy
13 minutes, 18 seconds

The Attack on Inchon, September 1950

By Mid Joe Reilly RN,
22 Aug 23

Ed. The author examines the difficulty of planning Operation CHROMITE, General MacArthur’s daring amphibious assault on Inchon during the Korean War. MacArthur’s ability to situate the landing in the strategic context of the Cold War, and his mastery of operational warfare, ensured that the local tactical difficulties were overcome. Winner of the Professor Eric Grove Memorial Prize at BRNC Dartmouth. A 15 minute read.

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Budgets and Finance, Civil-Military Relations, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Europe, General, Geopolitics, Indo-Pacific, Leadership, Maritime Strategy, Operational Art, People, The Naval Review, Ukraine
2 minutes, 47 seconds

Editorial: Naval Review 111/3

By Mike Beardall,
03 Aug 23

Ed. When was the last time we spent enough on Defence and Security, the nation’s insurance policy? The problem, of course, is that democratic nations decide the answer to this question through elected politicians, not the military; many wise people are involved in reviewing and offering their best analysis of the likely future turn of events but this, as history regularly reminds us, is an inexact science. It all boils down to how effectively we communicate the power of the argument – articulating the threat and the likelihood versus the size of the purse and the amount of risk a government is prepared to accept in the level of military and security capability it wishes to invest in.

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Book Reviews, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Europe, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Maritime Strategy, NATO, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Nuclear Deterrence, Operational Art, Russia, Strategy, Submarines, Ukraine
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Latest Book Review, 21 July

21 Jul 23

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers a new edited volume on the role of the sea in Russian strategy, providing a discussion of historical context, operational art, strategy, and capability.

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19th Century, Addressing Current Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Diplomacy, Engineering, First World War, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Military History, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Russia, Technology, Ukraine
7 minutes, 37 seconds

The New Hiatus in Warfare

21 Jul 23

Ed. General Sir Robert Fry reflects on the historical evolution of trench warfare during the First World War to demonstrate that, although post-modern technology may have improved in an absolute sense, the fundamental nature of a military stalemate necessitates awaiting the emergence of the next paradigm. Originally published by The Article, 13 July 2023 ( A 10 minute read.

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Joint Operations, Addressing Current Reality, Doctrine, General, Language, Logistics, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Ukraine
10 minutes, 26 seconds

Some Thoughts on Operational Planning

06 Jul 23

Ed. With a laudable desire for linguistic clarity worthy of David Watkin Waters, Dr Mark Barton considers the language barrier impacting the cultivation of Joint and Service-wide consensus of concept meaning in operational planning. A 10 minute read.

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19th Century, Admiralty, Age of Sail, Civil-Military Relations, Cold War, Doctrine, First World War, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Napoleonic Wars, National Defence, Naval History, Operational Art, Second World War, Strategy
15 minutes, 45 seconds

The Admiralty and the ‘Art of Admiralty’

29 Jun 23

Ed. The author argues that the ‘art of Admiralty’ represents more than simply a debate over force structure or naval tactics, but instead embodies the cultural ethos of an island seapower state, and – crucially – the vehicle by which maritime thinking is cultivated and disseminated in government and to the broader population as a whole. A 15 minute read.

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Admiralty, Geopolitics, Maritime Strategy, Operational Art
2 minutes, 21 seconds

Nurturing Future Maritime Leaders

08 Jun 23

Ed. As Sir Richard Branson likes to say ‘invest in your people and they will invest in your business’ , the Royal Navy Strategic Studies Centre is on the case.

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