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Letter to the Editor: Offering Solutions

By WatchOnStopOn,
29 Feb 24

Ed. Increasing challenges to the Rules-Based International System require a back-to-basics approach and renewed public support for the Services. Focusing on quantity and capability, the author argues that restocking critical munitions, and building new Minor War Vessels, is an essential foundation for the future credibility of the Royal Navy.

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BRNC, Civil-Military Relations, Communications, Cyberwarfare, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, General, Language, People, Professional Military Education, Service Culture, Technology, Training
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Navigating the Digital Seas: A Case for the Royal Navy’s Transition to a Paperless Environment

By OC Daniel Perrins,
29 Feb 24

Ed. The fifth article in our series from BRNC Pellew Division officer cadets, here the author considers the advantages of moving to an entirely digital work environment for the RN, future-proofing for talent and inclusion. A 10 minute read.

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Armed Forces, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Budgets and Finance, Civil-Military Relations, Defence Industry, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Diversity & Inclusion, Dockyards & Ports, Doctrine, Europe, Force Structure, Geostrategy, Industry, Leadership, Letters, Maritime Strategy, Ministry of Defence, Morale, National Defence, Naval Platforms, People, Procurement, Risk Management, Seapower, Service Culture, Strategy, Technology
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Letter to the Editor: Skin in the game

By Roger Plumtree,
22 Feb 24

Ed. The author gives his state of play on the current socioeconomic conditions impacting British seapower, and proposes a possible RN force structure financially tailored for a ‘regional’ rather than a ‘global’ Britain.

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Addressing Current Reality, Armed Forces, Civil-Military Relations, Communications, Diversity & Inclusion, First World War, General, Language, Leadership, Military History, Morale, People, Political Science, Service Culture
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Defence, diversity and disbelief

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
15 Feb 24

Ed. The author criticises the current state of public discourse concerning diversity in the Armed Forces, citing examples from history to demonstrate that merit must be foundational for leadership in the Services. Originally published in The Article. A 10 minute read.

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Armed Forces, Artificial Intelligence, BRNC, Command & Control, Communications, Cyberwarfare, Diversity & Inclusion, Engineering, General, Health Care, Medicine, Naval Intelligence, People, Science Fiction, Shaping The Future, Surveillance, Technology, Training, Veterans
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Beyond Boundaries: Exploring human enhancement and its integration with the Royal Navy

By OC Victoria Smith,
14 Feb 24

Ed. In this third article in the NR’s series featuring BRNC Pellew Division officer cadets, the author explores the appeal and consequences of human augmentation and robotics for the Royal Navy, raising important questions about the nature and future of war itself. A 10 minute read.

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Book Reviews, Naval History, People, Second World War
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Latest Book Review, 9 February 2024

09 Feb 24

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It insiders a book published in 1950, exploring the wartime experience of those who served in the RNVR. It is also the first of “If you can find a copy of…do read it!” Members are invited to share new reviews of old books, which may be of interest, or past book reviews that may have an enduring value.

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Addressing Current Reality, Age of Sail, Armed Forces, BRNC, Civil-Military Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, First World War, General, Joint Forces, Law, People, Second World War, Service Culture, Women
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The Combat Exemption Act: Are we ready to accept women in combat roles?

By OC Phoebe Freeman,
31 Jan 24

Ed. In the first of a series of articles by BRNC Pellew Division officer cadets, the author examines the continuing challenges of women acting in combat roles. A look at the history demonstrates that the press of mobilization often requires abandoning long-held social conventions. The government and media have a responsibility to do more to reach the goals for female enlistment. A 10 minute read.

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Service Culture, Age of Sail, Civil-Military Relations, Defence Engagement, Diplomacy, Diversity & Inclusion, General, Joint Forces, Leadership, People, Sea Power, Shaping The Future, Training, Uruguay
10 minutes, 12 seconds

From Falmouth to Montevideo: A Voyage on Uruguayan Navy Tall Ship Capitán Miranda

By SLt William Parker RN,
26 Jan 24

Ed. Our correspondent draws lessons from his time sailing with the Uruguayan Navy aboard the schooner Capitán Miranda, with a Joint mission of training future officers in seamanship and conducting naval diplomacy around the globe. A 10 minute read.

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Letters, Doctrine, Education, General, Law, Morale, People
3 minutes, 46 seconds

Letter to the Editor: The Natural Order of Things

By Bruce Williams,
17 Jan 24

Ed. A former Editor of the NR reflects on the lessons he might have given his younger self; advice for starting out on a naval career.

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