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The Destruction and Salvage of Zeppelin L70

By Dr Douglas H Robinson,
22 Dec 23

Ed. Originally published in 1963 [51/4, p. 430] as a reprint from Cross & Cockade magazine, the author provided a fascinating retelling of the final flight of Peter Strasser, the iconoclastic chief of Imperial Germany’s Naval Airships, who refused to recognize that by August 1918 British air defences had doomed the Zeppelins to military obsolescence. A 30 minute read.

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Latest Book Reviews, 18 August

18 Aug 23

BRE. The latest book reviews are now available. One considers a reprint of a 1946 memoir of convoy and corvette operations in the Battle of the Atlantic. The other looks at the US approach the neutralisation of the Japanese bastion of Truk in the Pacific during the Second World War.

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Air Power, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Convoy Operations, Dockyards & Ports, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, Merchant Navy, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Strategic Bombing, Strategy, Trade Interdiction and Protection
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Malta and the Mediterranean Fleet, 1940-1943: A Dissenting Perspective

18 Jun 23

Ed. In his analysis of strategic lessons to be drawn from the Second World War [40/4. p. 432], Captain S. W. Roskill, RN, wrote, “It took much ‘sad experience’ to show that Malta could have been properly defended and could have been kept in use as a base.” Roger Plumtree reconsiders the Maltese narrow margin with the question in mind: was Roskill wrong? A 15 minute read.

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Second World War, Air Power, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Battle of the Atlantic, Convoy Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, Merchant Marine, Merchant Navy, Naval Aviation, Naval History, Strategic Bombing, Strategy, The Naval Review, Trade Interdiction and Protection, United States Navy
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The Merchant Navy Is Our Jugular Vein

12 Apr 23

Ed. In a June 1946 article for the Commonwealth and Empire Review, Admiral Sir Frederic Dreyer detailed the vital importance of anti-submarine warfare for the protection of Britain’s merchant shipping. An expanded version of the article was published in the NR [34/3, p. 243], with Admiral Dreyer taking to task the ‘bomber mafia’ who had favoured the strategic destruction of Germany over the imperative to protect Britain’s convoy lifelines. Admiral Dreyer’s article is republished here as part of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. A 20 minute read.

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