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The Whale and the Albatross

By Andrew Gordon,
15 Sep 23

Ed. Sixteen years ago, in response to a History Today article for the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Rules of the Game author Andrew Gordon examined the question of the strategic significance of the air battle (in which FAA pilots took part), and emphasized the RN’s role in stopping the German invasion before it could begin. Republished here from NR 95/1 for the 83rd anniversary of the Battle. A 15 minute read.


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General, Leadership, Letters, People, Royal Marines, Service Culture, The Naval Review
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Letter to the Editor: A Royal Marine route to First Sea Lord (2)

By David Collins,
05 Sep 23

Ed. The author agrees with CDR de Silva that much has changed in the “promotion sweepstakes” but that service culture bottlenecks and educational barriers still linger.

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Armed Forces, Defence Industry, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Europe, General, Geopolitics, Letters, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, Naval History, Second World War, Strategy, The Naval Review
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Letter to the Editor: Appeasement

By Roger Plumtree,
31 Aug 23

Ed. No stranger to historical debate, the author defends the appeasement policy of the late 1930s in view of the dire need to buy time for rapid rearmament.

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Learning From The Past, First World War, Naval History, Naval Tactics, Naval Warfare, The Naval Review
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Two Appreciations of the Battle of Heligoland Bight, 28 August 1914

By The Morning Post & Lt George Mountbatten RN (the Earl of Medina),
28 Aug 23

Ed. Reproduced here for the Battle’s 109th anniversary are two first-hand accounts, one from an officer aboard a British destroyer flotilla, and the other of the action aboard HMS New Zealand from the perspective of HSH Prince George of Battenberg, Lt RN, son of the former First Sea Lord Prince Louis of Battenberg. A 15 minute read.

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Letters, General, Leadership, People, Royal Marines, Service Culture, The Naval Review
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Letter to the Editor: A Royal Marine route to First Sea Lord

By Cdr Rob Scott RN,
17 Aug 23

Ed. The author responds to CDR Oliver de Silva’s featured article (111/3, p. 66) and raises some qualifications about the future of the Royal Marines within the Navy’s service culture.

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Admiralty, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Communications, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, Falklands War, Fleet Air Arm, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Naval Aviation, Naval History, Naval Platforms, Naval Tactics, Naval Warfare, Second World War, The Naval Review, United States Navy
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Learning to Learn: The Royal Navy in the Pacific, 1945

By Lt G D Franklin RN,
15 Aug 23

Ed. In July 1997 (NR 85/3, p. 202) Lt G D Franklin reviewed the experience of the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) in the war against Japan, observing that, although the valuable combat lessons paid dividends in Korea, by the time of the Falklands conflict they had seemingly been forgotten. Republished here for the 78th anniversary of VJ Day. A 25 minute read.

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Air Power, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Briefing Room, Carrier Strike Group, Combined Arms, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, General, Joint Operations, National Defence, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, Naval Warfare, Nuclear Deterrence, Submarines, Technology, The Naval Review
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Briefing Room: UK Carrier Strike Group

By Capt Andrew M J Ainsley,
10 Aug 23

Ed. The Naval Review‘s Briefing Room is being expanded to include expert summaries on UK Defence institutions and formations. Currently on file are summaries of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and, reproduced here, the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group (UKCSG).

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General, The Naval Review, Uncategorized
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Naval Review 111/3 Covering Letter

By Mike Beardall,
08 Aug 23

Ed. For a number of recent editions we have been using the reverse of the address form that accompanies the hardcopy as another form of communication. Inevitably, a number of these are reaching the recycling bin unread, so for those that missed it, it is now included in the edition contents and reproduced here as well.

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Budgets and Finance, Civil-Military Relations, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Europe, General, Geopolitics, Indo-Pacific, Leadership, Maritime Strategy, Operational Art, People, The Naval Review, Ukraine
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Editorial: Naval Review 111/3

By Mike Beardall,
03 Aug 23

Ed. When was the last time we spent enough on Defence and Security, the nation’s insurance policy? The problem, of course, is that democratic nations decide the answer to this question through elected politicians, not the military; many wise people are involved in reviewing and offering their best analysis of the likely future turn of events but this, as history regularly reminds us, is an inexact science. It all boils down to how effectively we communicate the power of the argument – articulating the threat and the likelihood versus the size of the purse and the amount of risk a government is prepared to accept in the level of military and security capability it wishes to invest in.

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