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Geopolitics, Ukraine
37 minutes, 57 seconds

The Ukraine War One Year In: A Retrospective

January 31, 2023
Ed. The author surveys the first year of the Russia-Ukraine War, from the grand strategic to the tactical and technical, always keeping the maritime dimension in mind. The lessons of the war thus far are both revealing, in terms of the weakness of unilateral military responses to strategic problems, and disconcertingly familiar from the history of Russia-Ukraine relations. A 40 minute read.
Geopolitics, Ukraine
3 minutes, 13 seconds


October 3, 2022

Last week’s apparent sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines emphasises an immediate  strategic vulnerability to European energy supplies; however, there […]

13 minutes, 26 seconds

One Hundred Days of Putin’s War – So What?

June 2, 2022

By the Editor:  The author attempts to look beyond the current realities on the ground in Ukraine and identify some […]

12 minutes, 34 seconds

Warship Vulnerability: Lessons from the Moskva Sinking

May 17, 2022

By the Editor – Time to learn lessons – not just the Russian Navy, but in the West can we […]

18 minutes, 30 seconds

What Happens at Sea Also Matters

April 29, 2022

By the Editor – Sun Tsu advised: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, […]

8 minutes, 18 seconds

Brazil, The Russians & PROSUB – Despite War in Ukraine

April 28, 2022

By the Editor – The nuclear Pandora’s Box has opened consequent of Putin’s War in Ukraine.  Countries, such as Ukraine, […]

22 minutes, 41 seconds

Lessons & Implications of Putin’s War ONE MONTH IN:

April 3, 2022

By the Editor – a seismic calamity unfolding that if nothing else is full of lessons – not just for […]

Geopolitics, Ukraine
15 minutes, 56 seconds

Large-Scale Global Effects of the Ukraine War

March 30, 2022

By the Editor – We have a predilection to considering all issues in binary terms – black and white, those […]

7 minutes, 50 seconds

When Our Bluff Has Been Called….

March 25, 2022

By the Editor – The author formerly CINC Land Forces and more recently UK’s advisor on reform to the Ukrainian […]

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