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Naval Review 111/3 Covering Letter

By Mike Beardall,
08 Aug 23

Ed. For a number of recent editions we have been using the reverse of the address form that accompanies the hardcopy as another form of communication. Inevitably, a number of these are reaching the recycling bin unread, so for those that missed it, it is now included in the edition contents and reproduced here as well.

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The Submarine Under the Park, Part 2 – Digging Deeper

28 Jul 23

Ed. The author continues his investigation into the Dartmouth Coronation Park submarine mystery, having gained some key allies and a Ground Penetrating Radar kit. A 10 minute read.

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Rear Admiral James Goldrick, AO CSC Naval Review Archive

03 Jun 23

Ed. As a memorial and in tribute of his extensive contributions, the Digital and Editorial teams have compiled a complete archive of James Goldrick’s Naval Review letters, articles, reviews and eulogies.

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The founding of the Naval Review and its raison d’etre – then and now

30 Mar 23

Ed. A serious investigation into the origins of the Naval Review and the controversial but critical eyes that were concerned enough about early 20th century military norms to go to work on the underlying complacent assumptions. A 30 minute read.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

08 Mar 23

The Naval Review –  which would struggle to exist if it wasn’t for the great efforts of the women who […]

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World Book Day

02 Mar 23

As today is World Book day I have grabbed a few of my ‘go to’ favourites to celebrate the joy […]

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Did You Know, There’s a Submarine Under The Park? **REDIRECTS TO JOURNAL**

22 Dec 22

This article was updated for the Volume 111, Winter 2023, Number 1 edition of The Naval Review. Click here to […]

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