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The ‘Art’ of Admiralty -‘Away all Boats’

09 Apr 24

Captain Rick Cosby established Maritime Originals ( and Maritime Prints ( over a quarter of a century ago and his […]

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The Wartime Friendship Between Prime Minister Churchill and Capt J C Leach MVO DSO RN

By Matthew Wills,
08 Apr 24

Ed. Matthew Wills paints a vivid picture of Churchill’s crossing to Newfoundland for the famous August 1941 Atlantic Conference meeting with Roosevelt. The firm hand of Captain John C Leach of HMS Prince of Wales ensured a smooth crossing for this high diplomatic mission. A 10 minute read.

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Armed Forces, Anti-Piracy, Civil-Military Relations, Constabulary, Diplomacy, General, Geopolitics, Law, Leadership, Maritime Reserves, Maritime Strategy, National Security, People, Sea Power, Uncategorized
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Cultural Property Protection is a Legal and Moral Responsibility, so why is the RN not involved?

By Lt Cdr Tom Pinfold,
26 Mar 24

Ed. Protecting cultural heritage has profound subsidiary implications for diplomatic and naval missions that the modern RN cannot ignore. The author argues that a balanced Navy, and especially the Maritime Reserve, must be proactive when it comes to preventing looting and piracy that attack the cultural foundations of Allied and neutral nations. A 10 minute read.

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Recent announcements…

24 Mar 24

At this difficult time for His Majesty the King and the Princess of Wales, and the wider Royal Family, we […]

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Addressing Current Reality, Civil-Military Relations, Communications, General, Health Care, Institutions, Leadership, Morale, People, Political Science, Uncategorized
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The Complexity of Trust: How to harness trust to build a better future in the public sector

By Leigh Storer and Shauni Ivison,
19 Mar 24

Ed. What can public institutions do to rebuild long-term trust in the wake of seismic shifts in public perceptions of government accountability? Clear articulation of goals and persistent public buy-in are essential. The NR is delighted to welcome this sponsored essay from BMT Group. A 15 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Diversity & Inclusion, General, Leadership, People, Service Culture, Uncategorized, Women
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Naval Servicewomen’s Network ‘Your Network is your Net–Worth’

By Lt Cdr Francesca Crowsley–Allen RN,
08 Mar 24

Ed. For our second article to celebrate International Women’s Day we celebrate the Naval Servicewomen’s Network (NSN). The eagle eyed among you will note that over the last six weeks 33% of the 21 articles we have published on the NR website have been written by women. Thank you Ladies, the door remains open to write for us as and when you desire.

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Seablindness and the Royal Navy after 1964

By Dr James W E Smith,
05 Mar 24

Ed. With his trademark dissection of the conventional wisdom, the author argues that the concept of ‘seablindness’ is merely window dressing for the fundamental misunderstanding of the principles of British national strategy that has manifested over the last 60 years. A 20 minute read.

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Chief of Defence Staff – Chatham House Speech 27 Feb 24

03 Mar 24

Ed. Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin gave a keynote speech at Chatham House Security and Defence Conference on 27 February 2024.  Re-published here for those who may have missed it…

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BRAVO FOXTROT ? – The Defence Select Committee Report on Readiness

04 Feb 24

UK Parliament Defence Select Committee Report on Readiness – Report Summary Readiness is the ability to deploy personnel and equipment […]

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