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2 minutes, 18 seconds

Artificial Intelligence – Happy St Valentine’s Day

14 Feb 23

Ed. As part of the Naval Review website refresh we have been exploring how AI might be of use…

‘ChatGPT’ is all the rage, it is an Artificial Intelligence tool which can do your homework…as its St Valentine’s Day we asked it to write a couple of poems for all you budding romantics…

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People, Maritime Reserves, Shaping The Future, Technology
12 minutes, 21 seconds

The Maritime Reserves as niche technical enablers for the Royal Navy?

13 Feb 23

Ed. This essay argues that the Maritime Reserves (MR), despite a well understood requirement and being ideally situated to do so, are currently struggling to provide niche technical enablement to the RN. The author argues that reform of the current branch structure is necessary to allow the MR to make full use
of its nascent Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
expertise and excel in the provision of this much needed capability. A 10 minute read.

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Ukraine, Addressing Current Reality, General
9 minutes, 25 seconds

Inflection point: Russian military doctrine and the war in Ukraine

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
08 Feb 23

Ed. We are delighted to welcome back Sir Rob Fry to the Naval Review. In this article, the former Royal Marines General reflects on Russian military doctrine in the wake of the 2014 and 2022 invasions of Ukraine, and the questionable nature of their doctrinal conclusions. Originally published on ‘The Article’ website, 13 May 2022. ( A 10 minute read.

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Naval History, Historiography, Learning From The Past
13 minutes, 35 seconds

Historical Proceedings

03 Feb 23

Ed. This six-monthly round up surveys recent historical articles, lectures, and new original research in the field of naval history. It highlights areas that some readers may wish to examine further by pursuing the original articles and material. A 15 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Geopolitics, Ukraine
37 minutes, 57 seconds

The Ukraine War One Year In: A Retrospective

31 Jan 23

Ed. The author surveys the first year of the Russia-Ukraine War, from the grand strategic to the tactical and technical, always keeping the maritime dimension in mind. The lessons of the war thus far are both revealing, in terms of the weakness of unilateral military responses to strategic problems, and disconcertingly familiar from the history of Russia-Ukraine relations. A 40 minute read.

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Naval News
0 minutes, 4 seconds

Recent Naval News – 31 Jan 23

31 Jan 23

Ed. The latest sweep of Naval stories in the news.

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Corbett 100, Naval History
25 minutes, 32 seconds

Thinking About Seapower:

04 Jan 23

Navies, the Academy & Strategic Choice Prof Andrew Lambert By the Editor – In this article Professor Lambert considers Corbett’s […]

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0 minutes, 6 seconds

Did You Know, There’s a Submarine Under The Park? **REDIRECTS TO JOURNAL**

22 Dec 22

This article was updated for the Volume 111, Winter 2023, Number 1 edition of The Naval Review. Click here to […]

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Corbett 100, Naval History
11 minutes, 49 seconds

Some Principles of Maritime Strategy Making IN THE ROYAL NAVY TODAY

21 Dec 22

Captain Dr Kevin Rowlands RN By the Editor – The author demonstrates the centrality of history and geography to the […]

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