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5 minutes, 2 seconds

Coffee in Caracas??

06 Apr 22

By the Editor – mid 20th century arrangements begin to creek up the pressures of 21st century realities.  Do countries […]

22 minutes, 41 seconds

Lessons & Implications of Putin’s War ONE MONTH IN:

03 Apr 22

By the Editor – a seismic calamity unfolding that if nothing else is full of lessons – not just for […]

Geopolitics, Ukraine
15 minutes, 56 seconds

Large-Scale Global Effects of the Ukraine War

30 Mar 22

By the Editor – We have a predilection to considering all issues in binary terms – black and white, those […]

Naval History
4 minutes, 3 seconds

The Greatest Raid

28 Mar 22

By the Editor:  The author lays down a challenge for individual reflection on the famous names assigned to the new […]

7 minutes, 50 seconds

When Our Bluff Has Been Called….

25 Mar 22

By the Editor – The author formerly CINC Land Forces and more recently UK’s advisor on reform to the Ukrainian […]

17 minutes, 51 seconds

What is to Be Done?  How China is Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

24 Mar 22

By the Editor – At the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, President Putin declared:  “friendship between the two […]

18 minutes, 20 seconds

Ukraine: What Happens at Sea Also Matters

21 Mar 22

PROF GEOFFREY TILL (20 March 2022) By the Editor – Sun Tsu advised: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable […]

7 minutes, 59 seconds

The Role of Naval Forces in Russia’s War Against Ukraine and its implications

18 Mar 22

Dr James Bosbotinis, associate member of the Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies at the Defence Studies Department of Kings […]

12 minutes, 32 seconds

Thursday Jaw (10 March 2022) – Ukraine Invasion

15 Mar 22

Thursday Jaw (10 March 2022) – Ukraine Invasion Once a month members of the Naval Review convene a virtual on-line […]

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