Naval Review

  • Professor Steven Haines

    Steven Haines has over 30 years of practical experience as a Naval Officer, during which time he was closely associated with the publications British Maritime Doctrine in 1999, British Defence Doctrine in 2001 and The Law of Armed Conflict in 2004.   He is currently the Professor of Public International Law at Greenwich University.

  • Lt Cdr Roger Weston RD, MA, RNR

    Roger Weston joined the RNVR while still at school so that he did his National Service in the Navy.  He served subsequently as a Seaman Officer in the RNR until 1992.  His later career was in the medical sector in the UK, New Zealand and Sweden. He has an interest in planning issues associated with the River Thames.

  • Captain Jeremy Stocker MA, PhD, Royal Navy

    Jeremy Stocker served in the RN for 20 years as a Warfare Officer, before transferring to the RNR in 1996. He finally retired in 2016. An Associate Fellow at RUSI, he attended the 2013 Course at the Royal College of Defence Studies. Living in Warwickshire, retirement now gives him time to write and breed alpacas.

  • Lieutenant Lynsey Youngson, Royal Navy

    Lieutenant Lynsey Elizabeth Youngson is a serving Royal Navy Officer. An Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO) for Scotland and Northern Ireland, she first entered service as a University Cadet Entrant (UCE) in 2006. Having completed several Gulf tours as an MCMV Navigator she went on to serve as Navigating Officer of the USS Winston S. Churchill.


  • Commander Andrew Livesey, Royal Navy

    Andrew Livsey is a surface warfare officer who enjoys interesting ideas, history, sailing and time with his wife (a surgeon) and two children, William (2014) and Ella (2016).  He denies his wife’s claims that he is a natural contrarian with too many books.


  • Commander SR Atkinson, Royal Navy

    Simon Reay Atkinson is a Professor at Sydney University, a Captain (Dr) in the Royal Australian Navy Reserves and Consulting Negotiator at the Strategic Assessment Research Network.  His publications include The Agile Organisation (2005) and in the Oxford Handbook of War (2012).  Living in Sydney, he is a long-standing supporter of The Naval Review.