The Naval Review – Data Protection


The Naval Review processes personal data on its subscribers in order to further its aim through distribution of its journal to eligible members.

Data Controller

The Secretary-Treasurer is the Data Controller and Data Processor of all data collected and held by The Naval Review.

Personal Data Collected and Held. If you are a member, the personal data on you held by The Naval Review will include all or some of the data set out below which was collected from you on your enrolment form including, if applicable, your direct debit instruction and gift aid declaration forms, or which you have supplied to us subsequently as well as information available in The Navy Directory:

  • Your rank, title, name; decorations, service, branch, specialisation and seniority.
  • Your home address, email address and telephone number(s);
  • Your bank details if subscriptions are paid by direct debit or bankers standing order. Merchant copies of credit/debit card receipts are destroyed after 18 months.

Some of the personal data held about you has been created by us as part of your membership record:

  • Your membership number;
  • Your type of membership;
  • The date and amount of the last payment received;
  • The method of payment;
  • The username and password created for you to access the Members’ Area of The Naval Review’s website; and
  • Titles of your articles published in the journal.

Processing Personal Data

Processing is necessary to fulfil the commitments made to you when you enrolled. Personal data is processed by The Naval Review to:

  • obtain subscriptions to The Naval Review;
  • mail the journal to members;
  • sending other communications about The Naval Review to members, potential members and other external parties;
  • provide access to the Members’ Area of The Naval Review’s website;
  • publish the names of members on The Naval Review’s website;

Storage of Personal Data

Personal data relating to your membership is stored on computer databases and a limited amount of data is held on the website. This data is only accessible (in full or in part) to: the Chairman, Editor, Assistant Editor, Book Reviews Editor and Secretary-Treasurer. Hard copy personal data is stored in locked filing cabinets held by the Secretary-Treasurer.

Sharing of Personal Data

Some personal data of all members is shared with:

  • the printers in order to send you a copy of the printed journal.
  • a BACS approved computer bureau for the collection of subscriptions by direct debit.
  • HMRC in order to recover Gift Aid.

Where The Naval Review shares personal data as detailed above, it will only share personal data that is relevant and proportionate and security will be maintained using tools such as encryption. The Naval Review will not share personal data for other reasons without seeking your specific consent and never sells personal data on to third parties.

Removal of Personal Date

If you cease to subscribe, your personal data will be transferred to separate database tables. At your request, that data can be deleted.

Your Rights

You have the right to object to The Naval Review processing your personal data for any or all of the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice and may do so at any time. To exercise this right, please contact Secretary-Treasurer giving clear details of the processing activities and/or types of personal data to which your objection applies. You have a right to request copies of the personal data held about you by The Naval Review. To do so, please submit your request to the Secretary-Treasurer. Should you object to the holding of your data by The Naval Review, the use of your data for any or all of the above purposes, or should you wish to amend the type of communications you receive from The Naval Review or the way in which The Naval Review contacts you, please inform the Secretary-Treasurer.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

The privacy notice will be kept under regular review. This privacy notice was updated on 7 May 2018.

Further Information

If you have any questions which you feel have not been covered by this Privacy Notice, please do not hesitate to email us or write to:

The Naval Review
14 Bedford Road
Somerset, BA5 3NH


e-mail: [email protected]