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40th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict, Amphibious Operations, Armed Forces, Combined Arms, Force Structure, Joint Forces, Leadership, Maritime Strategy, Ministry of Defence, Naval Platforms, People, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future, The Naval Review
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A Reply to the ‘The Trouble with the Future Commando Force’

By Gert,
16 May 24

Ed. The author follows up on Bertram’s recent article examining the underpinning of the Future Commando Force, emphasising the concept’s shortfalls. A 10 minute read.

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Civil-Military Relations, Cold War, Command & Control, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Dockyards & Ports, Engineering, Equipment Capability, General, Leadership, Letters, National Defence, NATO, Naval Engineering, Naval Platforms, Naval Staff, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons, People, Submarines, Training, United States Navy
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Letter to the Editor: Repulse DASO Polaris missile firing – Friday 13th February 1973

By John McGregor,
15 May 24

Ed. In light of the recent HMS Vanguard ballistic missile test-firing, our correspondent reflects on a previous disappointing submarine-launched ballistic missile test.

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Volume 112. Number 2. Spring 2024
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Latest Book Review

Book Reviews, China, Geopolitics, Indo-Pacific, Maritime Strategy, Naval History, Seapower
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Latest Book Review, 17 May 2024

17 May 24

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers an edited volume, published in 2022, providing a collection of seven essays examining the lead-up to the Second World War in the Pacific, its contemporary relevance and parallels.

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Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone KBE CB RIP

13 May 24

It is with profound sadness that I write to inform members that our dear Chairman, Sir Clive Johnstone has died […]

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Admiralty, Air Defence, Amphibious Operations, Armed Forces, Australia, Budgets and Finance, Carrier Strike Group, China, Combined Arms, Defence Reviews, Equipment Capability, Europe, Fleet Air Arm, Force Structure, Global War on Terrorism, Joint Forces, Leadership, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, NATO, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, People, Procurement, Royal Air Force, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future, Submarines, Technology, United States Navy
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A recent history of the Royal Navy and the (cautiously optimistic) shape of things to come

By William Freer,
09 May 24

Ed. With 1SL’s 2024 Seapower Conference in mind, the author reflects on the chequered legacy of RN technical developments and procurement over the past 20 years, and considers priorities for the next decades. A 10 minute read.

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Admiralty, Air Power, Armed Forces, Blockade, Civil-Military Relations, Combined Arms, Command & Control, Convoy Operations, Diplomacy, Dockyards & Ports, Doctrine, Education, Engineering, Europe, First World War, General, Historiography, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval Engineering, Naval History, Naval Intelligence, Naval Platforms, Naval Staff, Naval Warfare, Operational Research, People, Professional Military Education, Royal Australian Navy, Sea Power, Second World War, Service Culture, Strategy, Tactics, Technology, The Naval Review, Trade Interdiction and Protection, Training, United States Navy
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The Founders of The Naval Review

By Master Ned,
08 May 24

Ed. RAdm James Goldrick RAN provided the first chapter to the NR’s centenary publication, Dreadnought to Daring (2012), in which he conducted a prosopographical study of the Naval Review’s founders. A 50 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Armed Forces, Civil-Military Relations, Communications, Education, Environment, General, Language, Leadership, Morale, People, United States Navy
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Leadership and the Toxic Triangle

By Chaplain Ryan Daffron USN,
03 May 24

Ed. Cultivating and transmitting sound leadership practices is a high-stakes lifelong learning process, with consequences for failure liable to undermine interpersonal relationships and organisational culture. Preventing the development of ‘toxic leadership’ requires knowing what the problem is and how to address it. A 10 minute read.

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