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Another Integrated Review is on the Horizon! Have your say….

14 Jun 24

Ed. As another Integrated Review (IR) is highly likely to take place after the General Election and the timetable needs to be speedy – I am keen to enable members to have their say via the Forum now.  A suitably edited extract will be passed on to the Naval Staff.

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Anti-Submarine Warfare, Equipment Capability, General, Littoral, Maritime Strategy, Naval Engineering, Naval Platforms, Naval Tactics, Sea Power, Shaping The Future, Submarines, Tactics, Technology
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The ‘Compact Submarines’ – A gamechanger in Underwater Warfare Operations

By Capt Liborio F Palombella MM (rtd),
12 Jun 24

Ed. The author challenges the conventional wisdom that modern, non-nuclear submarines must necessarily be large, fast, heavily armed and expensive platforms. A 25 minute read.

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Latest edition

Volume 112. Number 2. Spring 2024
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Latest Book Review

Age of Sail, Book Reviews, Naval History
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Latest Book Review, 14 June 2024

14 Jun 24

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers a book examining the life of William Adams, a 17th century English sailor who ended up in Japan and becoming established within the minor landed gentry.

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Amphibious Operations, Armed Forces, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Operational Art, Professional Military Education, Sea Power, Second World War, Strategy, The Art of Admirality, Ukraine, Uncategorized
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Operation OVERLORD – Three, of many, lessons…

By The Editor,
06 Jun 24

Ed. There are hundreds of lessons we have learned from the Second World War, here are three important ones to reflect upon today as we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

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Admiralty, Air Power, Amphibious Operations, Armed Forces, Combined Arms, Command & Control, Equipment Capability, Europe, From the Archive, Joint Operations, Leadership, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval History, Naval Staff, Operational Planning, Royal Air Force, Sea Power, Second World War, Strategy, The Naval Review, Training, United States Navy
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Combined Operations in Hitler’s War – II

By H E Horan,
06 Jun 24

Ed. The third article from the NR archives in our series on Operation OVERLORD for the 80th Anniversary. The author considered the development of combined operations, logistics and equipment as background on the OVERLORD planning process. Originally published in January 1961 [49/1, p. 18]. A 30 minute read.

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Defence Industry, Addressing Current Reality, Armed Forces, Budgets and Finance, Civil-Military Relations, Deterrence, Dockyards & Ports, Force Structure, Geostrategy, Hybrid Warfare, Industry, Joint Forces, Logistics, Ministry of Defence, National Defence, Naval Platforms, Nuclear Deterrence, Political Science, Risk Management, Royal Air Force, Strategy, Submarines
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UK Defence in a Dangerous World: Can We Do What is Needed?

By Jeremy Blackham,
05 Jun 24

Ed. Jeremy Blackham considers the socioeconomic and strategic consequences of climbing defence spending. A public overly focused on the high capital costs of procurement increases the risk of allowing deterrence to fail. Originally published by Cityforum. A 25 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Armed Forces, Civil-Military Relations, Cold War, Defence Industry, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Dockyards & Ports, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, Industry, Maritime Strategy, Merchant Navy, National Defence, Naval Engineering, Naval History, Naval Platforms, Nuclear Deterrence, Nuclear Weapons, People, Procurement, Sea Power
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The Submarine Service Whereto?

By Dan Conley,
30 May 24

Ed. The author reviews the post-Second World War developments in the Submarine Service, and considers the future challenges and prospects for the RN’s nuclear submarine force. A 20 minute read.

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