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Latest Book Review, 12 May

Armada: The Spanish Enterprise and England’s Deliverance


Armada: The Spanish Enterprise and England’s Deliverance

By COLIN MARTIN & GEOFFREY PARKER (Yale University Press – £30.00) ISBN 9780300259865 768 pages In 1988, to mark the […]


Latest Book Reviews, 11 April

The latest book reviews are now available. One is of the latest edition of The Trafalgar Chronicles, the other, a fictional […]


Trafalgar Chronicle: New Series 7

Edited by JUDITH E PEARSON & JOHN RODGAARD (Seaforth – £20.00) ISBN  978 1 3990 9046 9 (Journal of the […]


Latest Book Reviews, 21 March

The latest book reviews have been published, one on naval fiction set at the turn of the 20th century and […]


Commanding Petty Despots: The American Navy in the New Republic, Thomas Sheppard, Naval Institute Press, ISBN 9781682477557, £41.35

Creating a new Navy involves far more than building ships and acquiring manpower: as complex state-funded organisations navies must be […]


H.M.S. London: From Fighting Sail to The Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow’s War

Originally published in 2003 in hardback, H.M.S. London: From Fighting Sail to the Arctic Convoys & Tomorrow’s War, now in […]

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