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The Men Who Flew the Vought F4U Corsair

By MARTIN W. BOWMAN (Pen & Sword Aviation – £25.00) ISBN 978 1 52670 580 8 304 pages The subject […]

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Out of the Depths: A History of Shipwrecks

By ALAN G. JAMIESON (Reaktion Books – £25) ISBN 9781789146196 320 pages The antiquity of many ships and the familiarity […]


Latest Book Reviews, 4 April 2023

The latest book reviews are now available. One is an account of HMS Fearless‘ deployment to, service in, and return from […]


Sea Wolves: Savage Submarine Commanders of WW2 (Tony Matthews, Pen & Sword Books, ISBN 978 1 39906 461 3, £25)

Sea Wolves, with its sub-title of Savage Submarine Commanders of WW2, tells the harrowing stories of the atrocities perpetrated by […]


Book Reviews, 14 March

The latest book reviews have been published, one on the discovery Shackleton’s Endurance, the other on cargo liners in the Second […]


Running the Gauntlet: Cargo Liners Under Fire

This was a mostly enjoyable book, which flows well in a style intended for the general reader. It comprises 15 […]


Book Reviews, 7 March

The latest book reviews have been published, covering the development of French naval policy between 1870 and 1918, and the Ocean-class […]


The Ocean Class of the Second World War

The Ocean Class of the Second World War tells the story of the sixty 10,000dwt merchant ships built by the […]


From War to Peace: The Conversion of Naval Vessels After Two World Wars

This book is a bit of a hotch-potch, in that it is partly a detailed, but incomplete, list of warships […]

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