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Admiralty, Age of Sail, Air Defence, Air Power, Battle of Britain, Combined Arms, Europe, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Napoleonic Wars, National Defence, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Operational Planning, Royal Air Force, Second World War, Strategy, The Naval Review
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The Whale and the Albatross

By Andrew Gordon,
15 Sep 23

Ed. Sixteen years ago, in response to a History Today article for the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Rules of the Game author Andrew Gordon examined the question of the strategic significance of the air battle (in which FAA pilots took part), and emphasized the RN’s role in stopping the German invasion before it could begin. Republished here from NR 95/1 for the 83rd anniversary of the Battle. A 15 minute read.


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Admiralty, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Communications, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, Falklands War, Fleet Air Arm, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Naval Aviation, Naval History, Naval Platforms, Naval Tactics, Naval Warfare, Second World War, The Naval Review, United States Navy
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Learning to Learn: The Royal Navy in the Pacific, 1945

By Lt G D Franklin RN,
15 Aug 23

Ed. In July 1997 (NR 85/3, p. 202) Lt G D Franklin reviewed the experience of the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) in the war against Japan, observing that, although the valuable combat lessons paid dividends in Korea, by the time of the Falklands conflict they had seemingly been forgotten. Republished here for the 78th anniversary of VJ Day. A 25 minute read.

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Joint Operations, Addressing Current Reality, Doctrine, General, Language, Logistics, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Ukraine
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Some Thoughts on Operational Planning

06 Jul 23

Ed. With a laudable desire for linguistic clarity worthy of David Watkin Waters, Dr Mark Barton considers the language barrier impacting the cultivation of Joint and Service-wide consensus of concept meaning in operational planning. A 10 minute read.

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Air Power, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Convoy Operations, Dockyards & Ports, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Maritime Trade, Merchant Navy, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Strategic Bombing, Strategy, Trade Interdiction and Protection
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Malta and the Mediterranean Fleet, 1940-1943: A Dissenting Perspective

18 Jun 23

Ed. In his analysis of strategic lessons to be drawn from the Second World War [40/4. p. 432], Captain S. W. Roskill, RN, wrote, “It took much ‘sad experience’ to show that Malta could have been properly defended and could have been kept in use as a base.” Roger Plumtree reconsiders the Maltese narrow margin with the question in mind: was Roskill wrong? A 15 minute read.

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