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Diversity & Inclusion, Armed Forces, Fleet Air Arm, Leadership, Morale, People, Royal Marines, Service Culture, Shaping The Future, The Naval Review, Women
8 minutes, 42 seconds

Advice to my younger self

By Lt Lily-Mae Fisher RN,
05 Oct 23

Ed. The author, the only serving female RN Commando and currently a helicopter pilot in training, explores in this retrospective to her younger self the practical and mental lessons that motivated her to excel in her challenging and inspiring career. A 10 minute read.

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General, Leadership, Letters, People, Royal Marines, Service Culture, The Naval Review
1 minute, 49 seconds

Letter to the Editor: A Royal Marine route to First Sea Lord (2)

By David Collins,
05 Sep 23

Ed. The author agrees with Cdr de Silva that much has changed in the “promotion sweepstakes” but that service culture bottlenecks and educational barriers still linger.

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Letters, General, Leadership, People, Royal Marines, Service Culture, The Naval Review
3 minutes, 47 seconds

Letter to the Editor: A Royal Marine route to First Sea Lord

By Cdr Rob Scott RN,
17 Aug 23

Ed. The author responds to CDR Oliver de Silva’s featured article (111/3, p. 66) and raises some qualifications about the future of the Royal Marines within the Navy’s service culture.

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Baltic, Addressing Current Reality, Joint Expeditionary Force, Joint Operations, Leadership, National Security, NATO, Operational Planning, Royal Marines
8 minutes, 37 seconds

The Joint Expeditionary Force, its current and future relevance for mutual defence in northern Europe and the North Atlantic

By Maj Gen Jim Morris RM,
18 Jul 23

Ed. Major General Jim Morris RM is Standing Joint Force Commander (SJFC). Among his responsibilities is command of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) Headquarters, for which the UK is the NATO-nominated framework nation. In this article he considers some of the security challenges faced in the Arctic High North and the Baltic regions and the importance of the JEF as a regional security framework for delivering security. A 10 minute read.

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Admiralty, General, Joint Operations, Leadership, Naval Staff, People, Professional Military Education, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future
28 minutes, 30 seconds

Meritocracy and A Royal Marine Route to First Sea Lord

13 Jun 23

Ed. The increasingly Joint and interservice nature of senior command raises fascinating possibilities regarding the career paths of future RN and RM officers. Through research and interviews the author asks, and answers, the question of what path a Royal Marine might follow to become First Sea Lord. A 30 minute read.

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Force Structure, Joint Operations, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, Naval Staff, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy
3 minutes, 9 seconds

Strengthening A Special Relationship – Delivering Combined Seapower

11 May 23

Ed. The author surveys the Delivering Combined Seapower (DCS) concept, with the goal of moving from interoperable USN-RN operations to a more thoroughly integrated interchangeable dynamic. Credit to the United States Center for Maritime Strategy, originally published on the Maritime Ops Center website ( A 5 minute read.

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