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19th Century, Admiralty, Anglo-Zulu War, Armed Forces, Combined Arms, Crimean War, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Military History, Naval History, Second Boer War, The Naval Brigades
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The Naval Brigades, Part 4: Manning the Drags – The Second Boer War and lessons for the present

By Lt Jim Robson RN,
22 Sep 23

Ed. The conclusion of the author’s four-part series on the RN’s Naval Brigades, examining here their conduct in the Second Boer War, 1899-1902. The author continues his comparative analysis with respect to the Army, which by the beginning of the 20th century had closed the gap with the RN in terms of professionalism and capability. A 20 minute read.

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Admiralty, Age of Sail, Air Defence, Air Power, Battle of Britain, Combined Arms, Europe, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Napoleonic Wars, National Defence, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Operational Planning, Royal Air Force, Second World War, Strategy, The Naval Review
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The Whale and the Albatross

By Andrew Gordon,
15 Sep 23

Ed. Sixteen years ago, in response to a History Today article for the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Rules of the Game author Andrew Gordon examined the question of the strategic significance of the air battle (in which FAA pilots took part), and emphasized the RN’s role in stopping the German invasion before it could begin. Republished here from NR 95/1 for the 83rd anniversary of the Battle. A 15 minute read.


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Cold War, Combined Arms, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Korean War, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval History, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Strategy
13 minutes, 18 seconds

The Attack on Inchon, September 1950

By Mid Joe Reilly RN,
22 Aug 23

Ed. The author examines the difficulty of planning Operation CHROMITE, General MacArthur’s daring amphibious assault on Inchon during the Korean War. MacArthur’s ability to situate the landing in the strategic context of the Cold War, and his mastery of operational warfare, ensured that the local tactical difficulties were overcome. Winner of the Professor Eric Grove Memorial Prize at BRNC Dartmouth. A 15 minute read.

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Air Power, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Briefing Room, Carrier Strike Group, Combined Arms, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, General, Joint Operations, National Defence, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, Naval Warfare, Nuclear Deterrence, Submarines, Technology, The Naval Review
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Briefing Room: UK Carrier Strike Group

By Capt Andrew M J Ainsley,
10 Aug 23

Ed. The Naval Review‘s Briefing Room is being expanded to include expert summaries on UK Defence institutions and formations. Currently on file are summaries of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and, reproduced here, the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group (UKCSG).

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