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Addressing Current Reality, Armed Forces, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Europe, First World War, Geopolitics, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Maritime Strategy, National Defence, NATO, Second World War, Strategy, Ukraine
7 minutes, 6 seconds

British Strategy: is it August 1911 all over again?

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
19 Sep 23

Ed. The author argues that Britain’s current grand strategy has the hallmarks of uncertainty, having not yet settled on a strictly continentalist, or purely maritime strategy, one way or the other. If the Armed Forces are to be deployed effectively, it is imperative that clarity replace the current strategic ambiguity. Originally published in The Article. A 5 minute read.

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Admiralty, Age of Sail, Air Defence, Air Power, Battle of Britain, Combined Arms, Europe, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Napoleonic Wars, National Defence, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Operational Planning, Royal Air Force, Second World War, Strategy, The Naval Review
13 minutes, 37 seconds

The Whale and the Albatross

By Andrew Gordon,
15 Sep 23

Ed. Sixteen years ago, in response to a History Today article for the 66th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Rules of the Game author Andrew Gordon examined the question of the strategic significance of the air battle (in which FAA pilots took part), and emphasized the RN’s role in stopping the German invasion before it could begin. Republished here from NR 95/1 for the 83rd anniversary of the Battle. A 15 minute read.


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Cold War, Combined Arms, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Korean War, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Maritime Strategy, Military History, Naval History, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Strategy
13 minutes, 18 seconds

The Attack on Inchon, September 1950

By Mid Joe Reilly RN,
22 Aug 23

Ed. The author examines the difficulty of planning Operation CHROMITE, General MacArthur’s daring amphibious assault on Inchon during the Korean War. MacArthur’s ability to situate the landing in the strategic context of the Cold War, and his mastery of operational warfare, ensured that the local tactical difficulties were overcome. Winner of the Professor Eric Grove Memorial Prize at BRNC Dartmouth. A 15 minute read.

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Admiralty, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Communications, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, Falklands War, Fleet Air Arm, Indo-Pacific, Joint Operations, Leadership, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Maritime Strategy, Naval Aviation, Naval History, Naval Platforms, Naval Tactics, Naval Warfare, Second World War, The Naval Review, United States Navy
24 minutes, 46 seconds

Learning to Learn: The Royal Navy in the Pacific, 1945

By Lt G D Franklin RN,
15 Aug 23

Ed. In July 1997 (NR 85/3, p. 202) Lt G D Franklin reviewed the experience of the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) in the war against Japan, observing that, although the valuable combat lessons paid dividends in Korea, by the time of the Falklands conflict they had seemingly been forgotten. Republished here for the 78th anniversary of VJ Day. A 25 minute read.

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Air Power, Air Defence, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Briefing Room, Carrier Strike Group, Combined Arms, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, General, Joint Operations, National Defence, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, Naval Warfare, Nuclear Deterrence, Submarines, Technology, The Naval Review
2 minutes, 23 seconds

Briefing Room: UK Carrier Strike Group

By Capt Andrew M J Ainsley,
10 Aug 23

Ed. The Naval Review‘s Briefing Room is being expanded to include expert summaries on UK Defence institutions and formations. Currently on file are summaries of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) and, reproduced here, the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group (UKCSG).

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Baltic, Addressing Current Reality, Joint Expeditionary Force, Joint Operations, Leadership, National Security, NATO, Operational Planning, Royal Marines
8 minutes, 37 seconds

The Joint Expeditionary Force, its current and future relevance for mutual defence in northern Europe and the North Atlantic

By Maj Gen Jim Morris RM,
18 Jul 23

Ed. Major General Jim Morris RM is Standing Joint Force Commander (SJFC). Among his responsibilities is command of the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) Headquarters, for which the UK is the NATO-nominated framework nation. In this article he considers some of the security challenges faced in the Arctic High North and the Baltic regions and the importance of the JEF as a regional security framework for delivering security. A 10 minute read.

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Joint Operations, Addressing Current Reality, Doctrine, General, Language, Logistics, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Ukraine
10 minutes, 26 seconds

Some Thoughts on Operational Planning

06 Jul 23

Ed. With a laudable desire for linguistic clarity worthy of David Watkin Waters, Dr Mark Barton considers the language barrier impacting the cultivation of Joint and Service-wide consensus of concept meaning in operational planning. A 10 minute read.

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Admiralty, General, Joint Operations, Leadership, Naval Staff, People, Professional Military Education, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future
28 minutes, 30 seconds

Meritocracy and A Royal Marine Route to First Sea Lord

13 Jun 23

Ed. The increasingly Joint and interservice nature of senior command raises fascinating possibilities regarding the career paths of future RN and RM officers. Through research and interviews the author asks, and answers, the question of what path a Royal Marine might follow to become First Sea Lord. A 30 minute read.

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Force Structure, Joint Operations, Naval Aviation, Naval Platforms, Naval Staff, Royal Marines, Shaping The Future, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy
3 minutes, 9 seconds

Strengthening A Special Relationship – Delivering Combined Seapower

11 May 23

Ed. The author surveys the Delivering Combined Seapower (DCS) concept, with the goal of moving from interoperable USN-RN operations to a more thoroughly integrated interchangeable dynamic. Credit to the United States Center for Maritime Strategy, originally published on the Maritime Ops Center website ( A 5 minute read.

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