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Book Reviews, Convoy Operations, Merchant Navy, Naval History, Russia, Second World War
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Latest Book Review, 4 August

04 Aug 23

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers the official Staff History of the Arctic Convoys with an added introduction by G H Bennett and foreword by Vice-Admiral Sir Simon Lister.

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Book Reviews, Deterrence, Diplomacy, Doctrine, Europe, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Maritime Strategy, NATO, Naval History, Naval Warfare, Nuclear Deterrence, Operational Art, Russia, Strategy, Submarines, Ukraine
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Latest Book Review, 21 July

21 Jul 23

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers a new edited volume on the role of the sea in Russian strategy, providing a discussion of historical context, operational art, strategy, and capability.

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19th Century, Addressing Current Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Diplomacy, Engineering, First World War, Force Structure, General, Geopolitics, Military History, Operational Art, Operational Planning, Russia, Technology, Ukraine
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The New Hiatus in Warfare

21 Jul 23

Ed. General Sir Robert Fry reflects on the historical evolution of trench warfare during the First World War to demonstrate that, although post-modern technology may have improved in an absolute sense, the fundamental nature of a military stalemate necessitates awaiting the emergence of the next paradigm. Originally published by The Article, 13 July 2023 ( A 10 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Black Sea, Diplomacy, Europe, General, Geopolitics, Russia, Strategy, Turkey, Ukraine
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Embattled but Victorious: Historic Elections and Turkey’s Position in the Black Sea

14 Jul 23

Ed. In this article RN Strategic Studies Centre (RNSSC) Visiting Fellow Dr Ziya Meral unpacks what the next five years of a new term for President Erdogan might look like, particularly in its foreign policy with specific reference to the Black Sea. A 5 minute read.

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Addressing Current Reality, Baltic, Force Structure, General, Maritime Strategy, Naval Platforms, Naval Warfare, Russia, Strategy
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Operational challenges for Russia and NATO Maritime Forces in the Baltic Sea

07 Jul 23

Ed. In a fascinating investigation of the real maritime capacities of Russia and NATO in the Baltic, the author concludes that the ascension of Finland and Sweden into NATO gives the Allies a crushing preponderance in those waters. Winner of the Eric Grove prize for BRNC Dartmouth. A 25 minute read

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Book Reviews, Maritime Strategy, Russia, Submarines
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Latest Book Review, 27 June

27 Jun 23

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It looks at the development of Soviet and Russian cruise-missile-armed submarines and the challenges they faced.

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Addressing Current Reality, China, Communications, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Geopolitics, Hybrid Warfare, Indo-Pacific, Maritime Strategy, Naval Platforms, Russia, Strategy, Submarines, Technology
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The Kraken Wakes: Underwater Operations in the Indo-Pacific

23 Jun 23

Ed. The author suggests an expanded international role for the RN’s subsurface surveillance capability, particularly with regard to building capacity to deter PLAN hybrid operations against Taiwan’s communications network. A 10 minute read.

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Book Reviews, Geopolitics, Russia, Ukraine
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Latest Book Review, 9 May

09 May 23

The latest book review is available. It is an account of the first six months of Russia’s war against Ukraine, […]

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19th Century, Book Reviews, Naval History, Russia, Second World War
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Latest Book Reviews, 5 May

05 May 23

The latest book reviews are now available. One covers the Ross Expedition to Antarctica, 1839-1843, whilst the other focuses on […]

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