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Addressing Current Reality, Communications, General, Language, Leadership, Organisational Theory, People, Risk Management
12 minutes, 26 seconds

On Professional Language

By Doctor,
27 Nov 23

Ed. The author examines the nature of language with regard to its importance in an emergency, and how best for actors to communicate effectively during a crisis. A 10 minute read.

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Falklands War, Fleet Air Arm, Force Structure, General, Leadership, Learning From The Past, NATO, Naval Warfare, Operational Art, People, Service Culture, Strategy, The Naval Review
3 minutes, 16 seconds

Endure No Makeshifts

By Richard Hill,
21 Nov 23

Ed. NR Editor Richard Hill penned this review of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach’s memoir, Endure No Makeshifts, in 1994 [82/1, p. 79]. Reprinted here for the 100th anniversary of Sir Henry Leach’s birthday.

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Addressing Current Reality, Air Power, Armed Forces, Budgets and Finance, Defence Industry, Doctrine, Equipment Capability, Force Structure, General, Joint Forces, National Defence, Naval Aviation, Procurement, Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Technology
19 minutes, 28 seconds

Between Politics and Procurement: Canada’s F-35 Odyssey

By Prof Andrea Migone, Dr Alexander Howlett, Prof Michael Howlett,
16 Nov 23

Ed. An investigation into the procurement history of Canada’s troubled F-35 programme, focusing on the prevalence of political intervention and unclear commitments over more than a decade to demonstrate a systemic failure of the Defence procurement process, transcending government administrations. A 20 minute read.

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19th Century, Dockyards & Ports, First World War, General, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Naval History, Naval Platforms, Victualing
23 minutes, 28 seconds

Battleship Provisioning in the age of the Dreadnought: Some answers and clarification

By Roger Plumtree,
15 Nov 23

Ed. The author expands on Lt Cdr Lester May’s research concerning the victualling of a Dreadnought-class warship at the beginning of the 20th century. The proliferation of commodities supplied representing without doubt a vast logistical undertaking. A 25 minute read.

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Armed Forces, Addressing Current Reality, Civil-Military Relations, Defence Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, General, People, Religion
6 minutes, 13 seconds

On the role of religion in the Armed Forces

By Canon Theologian James Hawkey RNR,
08 Nov 23

Ed. Canon James Hawkley, frames the debate ahead of the BRNC Naval Review lecture on 14 November. The moral conduct of war in the 21st century remains an imperative. The author maintains that the Church has a role to play transcending politics and acting as a beacon for all faiths. A 5 minute read.

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19th Century, Admiralty, Age of Sail, Dockyards & Ports, General, Industrial Revolution, Learning From The Past, Logistics, Naval History, Naval Platforms, People, Victualing
28 minutes, 44 seconds

Battleship Provisioning

By Lt Cdr Lester May RN (rtd),
26 Oct 23

Ed. The author investigates the perhaps surprising legacy of early 20th century warship provisioning. While the cornucopia of commodities required to provision a Dreadnought-class battleship is to be expected, the long duration and haphazard nature of the victualing system emphasizes historical continuity and institutional ossification in an otherwise transformative era. A 30 minute read.

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China, Diplomacy, Europe, First World War, General, Geopolitics, Hybrid Warfare, Indo-Pacific, Iran, Middle East, Military History, National Defence, Operational Art, Persian Gulf, Russia, Shaping The Future, Strategy, Ukraine
8 minutes, 0 seconds

Hannibal’s legacy: always find the flank

By Lt Gen Robert Fry,
12 Oct 23

Ed. The author considers the grand strategic temptation of seeking a flank to break the current, Huntingesque, East-West standoff. Engaging additional allies, or enemies, and perpetuating old conflicts worldwide has dangerous implications for the future of global stability. Originally published in The Article. A 10 minute read.

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Admiralty, Communications, Defence Reviews, Deterrence, Doctrine, General, Hybrid Warfare, National Defence, National Security, Risk Management, Seapower, Shaping The Future, Technology, The Art of Admirality
7 minutes, 42 seconds

The Art of Admiralty and the digital Black Jellyfish

By Lt Cdr Jonathan Wheale RN,
09 Oct 23

Ed. The author highlights the need for digital mastery to protect against the ‘black jellyfish’ of postmodern threats. For the Art of Admiralty to succeed in the information age, it must be extended into the digital realm. A 10 minute read.

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19th Century, Age of Sail, Cold War, Fisheries, General, Naval History
0 minutes, 1 second

Latest Book Review, 6 October

06 Oct 23

BRE. The latest book review is now available. It considers a book exploring the Royal Navy’s contribution to the fishery protection role from the 14th century to the present.

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